Dolan Designs

Since our establishment in 1994, Dolan Designs has been dedicated to crafting timeless lighting collections for every area of your home. Our unwavering commitment to attention to detail and design excellence sets us apart and we take pride in offering original and visually stunning designs. We are proud to feature the new Layers™ Collection of revolutionary, patented technology that distinguishes our lighting solutions from any other on the market.


Formally the Scene Master™, we are proud to announce the Layers™ Collection from Dolan Designs. This innovative lighting solution combines up to five (5) distinct lighting effects to create an endless array of lighting scenes, all from a single fixture.

With our patented Scene Master technology, each fixture within the Layers™ Collection has built-in Lutron dimmers and can be conveniently controlled using the included Pico wireless wall control, as well as on your smartphone, tablet, and other HomeKit devices available through the Lutron Smart Hub. This cutting-edge technology integrates with your existing devices makes adjusting your lighting effortless and intuitive, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion.